Friday, November 7, 2008


I did another search in my cache of artwork for today's posting! Again, no time to create a new one today. I'm not even sure if I've posted this one before, and I'm a tad too lazy to go through all my posts to check. In any case, this one was done from life, in my studio several months ago. It was the start of getting me excited about colour pencil again!


Mel said...

Hi Joyce! More lovely work from you, as usual. I love the cows (singular and plural in "country").

Wanted to drop by and thank you again for recommending that book online about NOT going to church again! (tee hee) I finished it recently. I will need to re-read it, but it gave me much to consider about how I need to "be" the church instead of just going to church. And yes, I'm still going to church, but not using it as quite the social crutch I was before the big shakeup. The situation there has opened my eyes to some undesirable things, but I'd rather see them for what they are than live in a happy, unrealistic, and less impactful bubble. Thanks again.

Did you read it all? Wondered if you had any thoughts... : )

Joyce's Art Studio said...

Thanks, Mel! Glad you like the cows. I love painting them!
Really glad you benefited from that online book! I also want to re-read it. I'll print it out one of these days, because as I read, I kept wanting to underline much of it! I think the book really reflects a general discontent with "religion", felt especially among our post-modern youth. And I agree, that it's so easy to replace our relationship with Jesus by our relationship with church. Glad you're still going....and I will continue to go as well. It's better to stay and try to transform things from the inside. But this book did give me a lot of insight into how easy it is to allow "the church" to become something it should never be!

Mel said...

yes, yes, and yes. I, too, need a printout, just because I read better from paper than from screen. I especially saw myself, and many of the big, popular churches, in that "student" mentality, where we're trained to attend, and then all go to sit and listen to our pastor. It's easy to fall into that role, I think, with the traditional Christian church setup. And that's not good; we don't want to be mere observers instead of active participants. Participating is messier, for certain! But how can we be Jesus if we don't step into some messes, right? : ) Anyway, thanks again for suggesting it and for your insights--all helpful.