Saturday, November 1, 2008

Copy of Del Sarto's "Portrait of A Young Man"

I haven't copied Old Masters' paintings for a while, but decided to try this one in oil pastel. I was drawn by this young man's sensitive face and also by his clothes, which are typical of those worn in the early 1500's. I'm an avid fan of history, so it seems only right that I combine my love of art with my love of all things "bygone"!


Martha said...

Sometime I'd love to just sit in your studio with a cup of Tim's and watch you do something like this from beginning to end. We learn a lot by mimicking, remember? But I'd distract you with my gabbing! You really caught what you saw in this guy's face, didn't you! Good work as usual. Martha

Glenda Mosher said...

Wonderful Joyce! You've really captured the era of this fellow wonderfully and beautifully!