Wednesday, November 21, 2007


This little aceo sold within about two minutes of being posted on www.etsy. com. (A great place for you to shop, by the way!)


Mel said...

Hi--I'm a painter too (although not quite up to your level) and I just stumbled on your site after updating my own blog (yours was shown as another "updated this minute"). Your work is beautiful! I also switched to acrylics a few years back when I was pregnant, and then stayed there since I had a little one in the house (didn't want the turpentine fumes). Can you please tell me what an ACEO is? Is it just a special name for a little painting/vignette? Thanks!

Mel said...

Hi! Thanks for your kind words re: my blog, and thanks much for clearing up the ACEO mystery. I'm intrigued--maybe I'll try a few myself. I'll be skimming more of your blog for ideas about painting surfaces (I don't have any gesso in the house, but maybe that'll change...) (I do have slate...?)

Best wishes on your artistic endeavors--seems as if you're already doing quite well in that world!