Friday, November 23, 2007


After a rather frustrating first attempt, during which I was getting bogged down with detail, I finally started over and came up with this quick study. Doing the quicker study helps me to stay looser in my work, and that's what I'm aiming for!


Mel said...

I love old buildings/barns, too. But I really love your green olives! I know what you mean about forcing yourself to speed through a study of something in order to stay focused on the big picture--it forces you to keep stepping back instead of getting mired in the little stuff. Nice work!

Joyce's Art Studio said...

Thanks, Mel! I appreciate your input and understanding! (I hope you get to see this; I'm still figuring this blogging stuff out!)

Mel said...

you're figuring the blogging stuff out just fine! (I check your site about once a week, to get inspired--I have a "commissioned" painting (I'm doing it for a lady who made me a turquoise necklace) mocking me each time I pass it because it's half done and I just can't get motivated to finish it. so, I need to see someone else's finished work to get my behind in gear. when my 2-year-old is in school or preschool or something, maybe I can accomplish a painting per week! ; )