Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tulip in Pencil

I'm not thinking Spring, but just decided
to draw this tulip as part of my portfolio
on, a place where
businesses buy stock photos. It's a fun
place to sell my illustrations!


Angela Finney said...

Nice little drawing, I would never have thought of that venue. Admire all of the energy you put into marketing, not to mention producing. As have not posted, want to say I love, love, love your Christmas painting at the top of your blog. I looked for you on Ebay but couldn't find you. Can't find a link in your blog (though you may have one) either. Thanks for following my blog!

Joyce's Art Stores said...

Thanks for your kind and supportive comments, Angela! And I'm so glad you love my Christmas painting! It was great fun to do. I just recently opened an Ebay store again, and have been trying to post the link here, without much success.....but will keep trying! Again, thanks for all your encouragement!! :)