Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Winter Wren

I'm loving the strength of line
and colour I'm able to get with
Oil Pastels.
Tip: always use the Sennelier
Pastels if you want to
try this medium!


Carol H. said...

Your paintings are beautiful! I'm curious how you get so much detail into such a small piece with oil pastels -- do you sharpen them to a point?

Joyce's Art Studio said...

I answered Carol's question on her blog, but thought I'd add something here as well, for others who might be wondering about the Oil Pastels: I don't sharpen them, but do break them often in order get sharp edges. I use rubber taped "shapers" to move the pastel around and create nice edges and do some blending. Oil Pencils by Walnut Hollow are also a helpful tool.....and tiny areas of pastel can be broken off and applied with anything that works....a toothpick for instance.

Glenda Mosher said...

This is the sweetest little wren! such amazing detail Joyce!