Saturday, September 20, 2008


Started this one in colour pencil and wasn't happy with it; I painted over it with oils. Colourfix Paper makes a great surface for oils, so I'm sure I'll be doing that more often. It's a great way to "rescue" drawings that haven't quite succeeded.

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Mel said...

Hi Again Joyce--

Thank you sincerely for the book suggestion. I started reading and got completely into it... had to drag myself away to make dinner! But I will get back to it. Don't worry, I'm not leaving my church over this--I went today, in fact--but it's shaken me a bit b/c in 8 years of attendance there, this is the first occasion that I felt smacked of politics inside the walls. That's disappointing. But it happens. I'll let you know how/when I get through the book and hopefully I'll come out with a better feeling about the whole thing.

P.S. Love the latest chickadee! And thanks for sharing your different strokes painting... I had no idea Karin J was doing that and it is really interesting to look at everyone's interpretation. What a cool idea!