Monday, February 4, 2008

This is my little granddaughter,
Nikki, blowing bubbles.
I love blowing bubbles, and
I love drawing them!

I'm going out today to get some
more paper for my charcoal drawings;
Browsing around the art store is such fun!
I usually order my supplies online, but there's nothing like seeing and touching and drooling over a myriad of wonderful art stuff!


Mel said...

This bubbly little piece is just beautiful.

BTW, my sis loved her Boromir sketch. She got it today. Thanks again!

(Like the look of the new site, too. : )

Joyce's Art Studio said...

Thanks, Mel! And I'm SO glad the Boromir sketch arrived safely and that your sister loves it! Makes me happy :)
And ya, I thought I'd try a new look for the blog; I do like the brightness better than all that black!